Frequently Asked Questions


What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that strives to improves all areas of your personal fitness. It works at improving your endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. CrossFit does this through the use of varied workouts and movements performed at high intensity.

CrossFit’s main focus is on functional fitness. Functional fitness is your ability to live and enjoy your life to the best of your ability. It’s being able to take your kids to the park and play with them, not watch them play. It’s being able to help your neighbor move and not spend the next day on the couch with a sore back. It’s your ability to get out of bed in the morning and not hurt for the first two hours of the day or running up a flight of stairs and not being winded. It’s seeing the number of medications you take reduced to a multi-vitamin.

Our goal is to make you better at living your life. Humans were made to be able to squat, pull, push and move. We will help learn how to do those things better than you ever thought possible.

With all of our workouts, we always record some sort of score. This is done to help show improvement as well as foster a healthy sense of competition. What can be so frustrating for many people is feeling like they are working hard but not seeing the improvement they would like. By recording scores you will be able to recognized and celebrated every improvement no matter how big or small. Those improvements help keep you motivated and inspired to keep working and pushing yourself.

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I have always had a hard time sticking with a fitness program, why is this different?

Well, there are a ton of reasons why CrossFit is different. Here are our top three reasons why we think CrossFit will be a different experience when compared to other more traditional forms of fitness.

First, the community of CrossFit. All workouts are performed in a group environment. This group quickly turns into a group of friends. This community is one of the things that keeps you coming back each day. This community is what pushes and inspires you. Instead of walking into the gym and turning on headphones, you are greeting your friends and preparing for a challenge. Its the community that will help bring you in on the days where you might normally try to skip.

Second, we do the preparation for you. With CrossFit, all we need is for you to walk in the door and be ready to work. Every class has a pre written curriculum that you will go through. On top of that, each class has its own trainer to teach you and motivate you through the entire class.

Third, is the variety. Each workout in CrossFit is unique, so the days of monotony are gone. So many people have gotten bored and burned out with going to the gym and doing the same cycle of movements over and over again. Eventually the boredom leads to excuses for missed workouts and you are back at square one once again.

The best way to experience CrossFit’s unique and results-driven approach to fitness is to schedule a free intro. Click here to schedule yours now.

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Do I have to be in shape to start CrossFit?

Absolutely not. Our athletes come to CrossFit in all shapes and sizes, and from a variety of backgrounds, fitness levels and ages. Some are self-proclaimed couch potatoes, some get their exercise chasing their grandkids, some are insanely fit first-responders and military personnel, some are former gym rats looking for a better workout, and others are seasoned athletes whose bodies have taken a beating over the years.

Whatever your fitness level, we’ll work with you to customize workouts that are appropriate for you and steadily build up from there. All you need to get started is a willingness to try, and a commitment to follow through. We’ll help you with the rest. The longer you wait, the more you’ll kick yourself for not starting sooner.

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I am currently a member of a local gym and only pay a few dollars a month, why is CrossFit so much more expensive?

At a traditional gym you are paying to use equipment. Your money allows you to walk in the door  use their equipment to work out and leave. For some people, this works out great. Those people know how to workout and motivate themselves and are able to thrive in an environment like this. Others don’t necessarily have the background and training to keep them in the gym day after day. If you miss a workout, the gym won’t call you and check on you. If you are doing a movement wrong, they aren’t going to correct you or help you…..unless you pay for the personal trainer. For several hundred dollars a month you will get someone to program your workouts and teach you how to do each and every movement. This expense is on top of your membership and ends up being very expensive, even more than Crossfit.

With CrossFit, every class has as trainer…..every time. There is not additional charge, we want to teach you and help you learn the right way to workout and help you see how it can benefit your everyday life.

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What is the difference between CrossFit and CFT Boot Camp 2.0 (BC 2.0)?

The biggest difference you’ll find between the two is that our Boot Camp has less heavy weights and less complex barbell movements. Boot Camp focuses more on cardio, core work, and bodyweight movements as well as incorporating lighter kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls. Make no mistake, our Boot Camp workouts can be pretty tough, but with less of the complex barbell movements, you can spend more time focusing on the basics of moving your own body. If you are intimidated by CrossFit and would like a slightly easier transition into high intensity exercise, BC 2.0 is for you. Read more about BC 2.0 here

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Do I need On Ramp to join Boot Camp 2.0?

No. Because most of the movements in BC 2.0 can be learned fairly quickly, there is no On Ramp required. 

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Which is better for weight loss; CrossFit or BC 2.0?

Both are equally great at aiding in fat loss. We have seen several people lose 50+ lbs in both programs. The biggest key is having a diet set up that is in line with your goals. Once you are registered as a member with us, you will gain free access to our 6 Week Fat Shred Program. This is the health and fat loss protocol that dozens of our members have used to lose anywhere form 5  to 100+ lbs.

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I’m already in awesome shape. So why do I have to take the free introductory session before joining the group classes or becoming a member?

The free introductory session is required for anyone interested in joining our classes, regardless of how fit you are. Chances are, CrossFit is pretty different than other fitness or sports training programs you’ve been involved with. This session gives you the chance to see what CrossFit Tracy is really all about, and make sure it’s right for you and your goals. It also lets us determine your fitness level, experience, athletic background and familiarity with the equipment and exercises so we can make sure you get placed in the right class.

Plus, it’s free! So what have you got to lose? If you’re already super fit, then come on in and blow us away with your physical prowess. Click here to schedule your free intro now.

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What is a class like?

Our classes can be pretty intense, definitely challenging, always varied and a lot of fun. Led by our coaches, classes look, sound and feel like high-energy athletic events – lots of cheering, encouragement and maybe the occasional good-natured competition. Much smaller than your average gym class, our classes bring together folks from all walks of life in a supportive, motivating environment.

And everyone in our classes gets a phenomenal workout – regardless of what kind of shape they’re in. That’s because, while all the athletes in the class do the same workout of the day (WOD), we scale the workout accordingly to everyone’s own level of fitness. Most of the WODs are timed – creating a friendly competitive atmosphere that pushes our athletes to perform. Some WODs are maximum-effort that focus on strength-building. Either way, you’ll leave sweating, sometimes aching, but always feeling great about what you’ve accomplished and how much you’ve improved.

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Can I try out a class to see if I like it?

Due to the technical nature of some of the movements we do in CrossFit, it would not be safe nor efficient for a newbie to jump directly into a CrossFit class. You can, however, try out a few Boot Camp 2.0 classes for free. Learn more about our Boot Camp here.

For CrossFit, we do offer a free one-on-one introductory session with one of our certified CrossFit trainers. This private session will give you a great overview of what CrossFit is all about, and what a typical CrossFit group classes like. You’ll also get in an awesome workout. Click here to schedule your free intro.

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What can I expect once I sign up?

Expect to start learning and improving right away. Our focus is on form and function. We want you to learn how to do things right. You will start in an On Ramp class where a trainer will teach you all of the movements we do in CrossFit, step by step. The On Ramp class is limited to a few people and allows for more detailed and focused coaching for you to better learn. This may feel a little overwhelming, and that is fine. In time these movements will become second nature and you will continue to improve.

CrossFit is not the end all be all of fitness. But in our experience, many people have the same struggles and frustrations with fitness and exercise and CrossFit can help you overcome these hurdles and find a level of fitness you never thought possible.

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What is On Ramp and why do I need to do it to start?

On Ramp is your next step after doing your introductory session. We take proper form and safe movement very seriously at CrossFit Tracy. This is your opportunity to build a foundation of knowledge and experience with the most common movements in CrossFit. This is also your time to build some momentum so that you can hit the ground running once you join class.

On Ramp is a 30 day program that consists of four 1 hour beginner sessions, as well as your first month of membership. These can be done in small group classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm for two consecutive weeks, or they can be done in private sessions and scheduled to be completed in less than a week at times that are most convenient for you.

As a bonus, you may attend unlimited Boot Camp classes during your OnRamp sessions. As soon as you have completed your 4th On Ramp class, you will be free to join CrossFit classes unlimited for the remainder of the 30 day period. At that time, you can decide which membership you think will be best for you. Learn more about On Ramp and our special discount offers here

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Can I work out at your facility anytime?

You’re welcome to come to any class that you’re qualified for as a CFT member. We do not currently allow members to workout on their own during off hours.

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Do you offer Open Gym hours?

Yes! We currently have about 2,300 sf of Open Gym space. This can be accessed by any CFT member during any class hours. This can be used by members with unlimited memberships for free, and by members with limited memberships by using one of their days or for a small fee. We do not currently allow non-CFT members to attend Open Gym.

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Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do. Particularly for Police, Fire, EMT, active and reserve military, full-time students, and family members (spouses and children under 18) living in the same household. If you’re one of these, you can receive 10% – 15% discount from your monthly membership.

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Why is CrossFit Tracy better than other CrossFit gyms?

We’ve got nothing but respect for other CrossFit gyms, and have solid relationships with a number of CrossFit gyms in Northern California. CrossFit is a culture and a close-knit community, and there are many excellent CrossFit coaches out there. We’d like to think some of them can be found in our gym.

At CrossFit Tracy, our coaches are very experienced and knowledgeable – especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of our athletes. Our staff has over 25 years of combined experience and more than 25 certifications including Level 1 and Level 2 CrossFit certs, as well as several specialty CrossFit certifications. We take education and experience seriously.

But more than their experience, our coaches bring an incredible level of energy, enthusiasm and pure love for what they do to our school and athletes. We have a blast together. We welcome people from all walks of life, and all fitness levels – no pressure, no preconceptions, and no posturing.

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I’m a member of another CrossFit gym. Can I jump into your group classes?

If you’re currently a member of another CrossFit affiliate from out of town, and want to drop by for a WOD, you’re welcome to join any of our group classes. You must be a current member – no exceptions. Drop-ins are $15 per class. Just give us a call at 510-301-8768 or email us at so we can get you all set up.

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What is the class schedule?

Can I bring my kid(s) with me while I work out? They are really well behaved.

We do have an onsite Kids Room. This is not a play room packed with toys, but a quiet space where well behaved kids can read, color, do homework, watch a movie or otherwise keep themselves occupied while their parents work out. We do not offer babysitting services, so parents are responsible for taking care of their kids’ needs and making sure they don’t disrupt classes.

For the safety of our members and their children, kids – even the most angelic ones – are not allowed on our gym floor at any time.

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How do I get started?

Simple. Start by clicking here to schedule a free intro lead by one of our certified CrossFit coaches. If you can’t find a time that works for you online, give us a call at 510-301-8768 or shoot us an email at and we will do our best to accommodate a time that works for you. This no-cost, no-obligation, one-on-one session gives you a great overview of the CrossFit approach, program and equipment, while letting us get a better understanding of your goals and experience. Once you’ve completed the intro session, we’ll help you find the right membership plan and classes for you and get you signed up.

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