Boot Camp 2.0


We have MORNING and EVENING classes! (See schedule for full list of class times).

CFT Boot Camp 2.0 is our new and improved version of our already wildly popular Boot Camp by CFT. Try out a few Boot Camp classes for FREE!  Email us at to schedule your FREE classes today! 

What’s new:  
•tons of new ab/core workouts
•more fat burning cardio
•less barbells, more body weight movements
•open schedule
•2,3,4 or unlimited classes per week membership options

What you’ll get:
•full body toning/sculpting
•tons of ab/core workouts
•arm and chest building for the fellas
•booty sculpting for the ladies
•nutrition advice
•transformation challenges
•safe and fun workouts
•non-intimidating environment
•friendly, supportive community

Our results driven classes are led by experienced coaches who will guide you to have fun, safe, and energetic workouts.

Your coach will be there everyday to make sure that you are getting the workout that is best for YOUR current fitness level. It’s like the attention of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what people are saying!

Anna Fernandes-Melo — Best workout EVER!
I have tried almost everything out there – and nothing compares! The coaches are amazing! Pretty much 24/7 support with all aspects of getting you to achieving your goals. I went from zero physical activity, to doing things
I never imagined I would be able to do. CFT Boot Camp is a great place to start.

Linda Marie Gil-Anaya — Nothing compares to CFT Boot Camp! I absolutely love it! Coaches & fellow members/friends( which you acquire here ;)) will help you stay accountable and motivated! You will see results that you my have thought you couldn’t achieve. Great friendly environment. There is definitely something for everyone.

Alina Cardoza — Ok, so I have bounced around from gym to gym looking for a perfect fit….and Crossfit Bootcamp is it! The workouts are unlike any other, and they will push you past all limits you thought you had. The best part of it is the coaches. They are super knowledgable, fun, and always supportive. Do yourself a favor, ditch the gym for good and join the box!

Step 1. Free Intro:

The first step is to schedule your Free Intro Class. This class is required for newcomers BEFORE joining any Boot Camp class – regardless of what kind of shape you’re in.

During your intro session, we will give you a tour of our facility (aka “box”) and explain everything we offer at CrossFit Tracy. We will give you the “run down” on how the classes are structured, the use of our mobile app, and give you a better understanding of what our Boot Camp is all about. We will get an understanding of what your fitness goals are and you will experience a workout first-hand. We will explain how our Boot Camp can and will help you achieve each and every one of your fitness goals if you commit to the program, work hard, follow the coaching, and build a solid nutritional foundation. We also go over our Membership Packages and help you to choose the one that is best for you. A coach will be there to help guide you throughout the entire session. 

Questions – email or call Chris 209-640-8525